Public Training Classes

Public First-Aid Courses includes Adult CPR (A)

Ideal for individuals that missed the on site Link to Life™ seminar or that need approved WSIB OR BILL 10 ( CHILD CARE) First-aid and CPR certification. 

We offer public classes at our Hwy. 401 and Avenue Rd in North York, Ontario from 9- 4:45 p.m.

STUDENTS can  register online to complete required lessons before attending a one day in class skills review to complete certification.  GO TO PUBLIC CLASSES on our website to register.

This is required for Emergency and Standard level first-aid and CPR certification.

Which Course Do I Need?

The WSIB reg. 1101 is based on employee size per company.

EMERGENCY FIRST AID (Valid for 3 years)
Includes Adult CPR A)- If you work in an organization with less than 5 employees on any shift then Emergency First-Aid is required as a minimum certification. Online blended course requires only 4.5 hours in class for skills review once you complete the online lessons.

STANDARD FIRST-AID (Valid for 3 years)
Two day course (includes Adult CPR A or C).
If you work in an organization with more than 5 employees on any shift then STANDARD First-Aid is required as a minimum certification. One day online and one day in person for skills review.


For those that had completed the two day Standard First-aid Program within the past 3 years and have not expired, they are eligible for a one day STANDARD REFRESHER course valid for another 3 years. Students must complete partial online course before attending in person skills review.

CPR level- A or C only – 
This is for employees that require Adult CPR or an CHILD CPR C -3.5 hrs.  IN CLASS. 

All courses include complete reference ebook and certification approved by WSIB, Child Care and Early Years Act, Bill 10, and meeting the guidelines the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) for CPR.

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