Public First-Aid Courses includes Adult CPR (A)

Ideal for individuals that missed their on site Link to Life™ seminar or that need approved First-aid and CPR certification meeting  the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board first-aid WSIB reg. 1101, and Bill 10 – Child Care and Early Years Act guidelines.

Each company/daycare in Ontario must have certified first-aiders on all shifts.

We offer public classes at our 401 and Yonge St. location.  Participants must pre-register to attend.

Which Course Do I Need?

The regulation is based on employee size per company.

EMERGENCY FIRST AID (Valid for 3 years)
One day course (includes Adult CPR A)
For companies with less than 5 employees on any shift.

STANDARD FIRST-AID (Valid for 3 years)
Two day course (includes Adult CPR A).
For companies with more than 5 employees on any shift.

CPR only – Attend the morning of Day 1.
This is for employees who just need Adult CPR or an Adult CPR refresher. 3.5 hr course.


For those that had completed the two day Standard First-aid Program within the past 3 years and have not expired, they are eligible for a one day STANDARD REFRESHER course valid for another 3 years. THIS ALSO INCLUDES CPR A or C certification. 

Upcoming 2020 Standard First Aid Dates

All classes run 8:45-4:45 p.m. with 30 minute lunch.
Classes are located near 401 and Avenue Rd. Due to covid virus precautions, all students must wear a mask, bring gloves and hand sanitizer to the class, plus lunch which will be eaten at their seat.

Anyone who has had any cover symptoms within the past 15 days of the training date will not be allowed to attend.  Thank you

2020 Weekday Dates

Oct 19/ & 20

Nov 23, 24/

Dec 7/8/20

All courses include complete reference ebook and certification approved by WSIB, Child Care and Early Years Act, Bill 10, and meeting the guidelines the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) for CPR.

Call 416 398-5033 ext 0 to register or email