COVID-19 Guidelines as of Nov 1/22

Dear Client,

It is great to be back in the classroom. Many clients are now using our blended online course with reduced time in class for skills review to complete first-aid certification.

We are grateful for your patience during this new era of Covid 19, and we will be working with you to ensure a safe training environment.

Here are the guidelines we will be following: effective Nov. 1/22

1. Class sizes 10-18 people with at least 4 ft between students/trainer provided the training room is large enough to host this many students. Larger groups can use two rooms with two trainers.

2. Everyone must be pre-screened before entering the classroom for signs of COVID-19 and declare they have had no exposure to Covid 19 or had any symptoms within the past 5 days prior to attending our training class. Each student is required to fill out health form before entering the classroom.


3.  Please stop, wash hands,  face masks are now optional and welcomed before entering the room.

4. Please ensure there are hand sanitizer bottles available in the training room.

5. There will be no books in class, and an ebook specific to your course is available on our website,

6. THERE WILL BE SOME HANDS -ON PARTNER EXERCISES, and students will also use CPR dolls , COMPRESSIONS ONLY CPR, and training dolls will be cleaned with alcohol between limited uses.

7. As a precaution, we ask anyone that develops any COVID LIKE symptoms, or tests positive for the COVID 19 virus following the training to contact their supervisor and Link to Life™. The person should be placed in immediate isolation outside the workplace and contact their physician.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation and we look forward to certifying your team.