Dear Client,

We have good news. The WSIB is giving the green light to return to the training room with specific guidelines.

We are grateful for your patience during this new era of Covid 19, and we will be working with you to ensure a safe training environment. We are following the Ontario government social distancing and group size recommendations.

Here are some new guidelines we will be following:

1. Class sizes limited with at least 6 ft between students per practice area. e.g. Room size minimum of 30 ft x 24 ft for 9 people plus the trainer.

2. Everyone must be pre-screened before entering the classroom for signs of COVID-19 and declare they have had no exposure to Covid 19 or had any symptoms within the past 14 days prior to attending our training class. Please complete self test on Ontario government site:

3. Please post a sign at the entrance of the training room stating: Please stop, wash hands, put on face mask and complete health questionnaire before entering the room.

4. Please ensure all contact surfaces in the training room have been cleaned before the class. This includes door handles, chairs and tables, water fountains,

5. Students should enter the training room one at a time, wearing a non-medical mask, and gloves if they prefer, find a seat and maintain a min. of 6 ft between fellow students during the entire seminar. Participants bring their own mask AND pen to avoid touching unknown items.

(Please provide masks/gloves for your staff. People can wear their own personal masks, or Link to LifeTM can provide these at a nominal fee)

6. Please ensure there are Hand wash sanitizers in the training room for repeated use during the course, or students have access to soap and wash stations.

7. There will be no books in class, an ebook specific to your course is available on our Website,, press ebook tab, and select the book you require with our code for download. Students can read these before attending.

8. THERE WILL BE NO HANDS -ON PARTNER EXERCISES, instead students will use CPR dolls for some skill based lessons, COMPRESSIONS ONLY CPR, during this covid challenge, and dolls will be cleaned with alcohol between limited uses.

The trainer will lead a variety of group interactive discussions for various lessons, and students will demonstrate both verbally and physically ensuring a safe distance.


9. During breaks we ask students to please stagger when leaving for restrooms, wash hands before returning, and to wear face masks at all times.


10. As a precaution we ask anyone that develops any symptoms following the training to contact their supervisor and Link to Life, so the public health department can be notified and a contact tracing process can begin. The person should be placed in immediate isolation outside the workplace and contact their physician. You may also have to complete a WSIB report within 4 days of this event.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation and we look forward to certifying your team in the near future.